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The SME sector has widely been accepted as the engine of economic growth and poverty eradication through job creation in the world. However the meaning of an SME has remained different across countries and to different sectors in the same country. The definitions vary based on the number of employees, yearly turnover and number of years business.
Our definition of an SME is a formally registered company with over 5 employees and an yearly turnover that exceeds Kshs5 Million. SME‟s are important drivers of the economy we thus seek to empower the members of our SME club them by:
  • Providing dynamic capacity building training for SME Entrepreneurs & Staff
  • Networking and peer to peer mentorship
  • Facilitation of Strategic, Growth and Expansion Plans
  • Link to funds, industry experts and access to a pool of talent.
  • Regional feasibility assessments and business tours.

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